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940 LED Matrix Moving Head Lights

Product Introduction
  • azcolor lite 940 LED moving head matrix light uses 9pcs 40W Quad OSRAM light sources, with positive wavelength and high light quality. After adding White color into RGB, it can achieve an infinite color mixing effect.
  • The product adopts a three-phase motor, which has strong twisting force, smooth and powerful operation, and does not jam.
  • noiseless fan, auxiliary heat dissipation, to ensure product life, the noise level of high-end places is lower than DB37
  • The high-precision optical lens has changed the look and feel of the 25pcs 15W LED moving head matrix, which is more high-end.

Application areas
It is suitable for various performances and places with high requirements on wash for light quality, such as banquet halls, TV studios, opera houses, scenic folk song and dance performances, high-end private clubs, churches, school auditoriums, and opera houses.