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300W LED TV Light  Panel

Product Introduction
  • 3200K/ 5600K dual color temperature optional (5600K color temperature is closest to the standard color temperature of sunlight)
  • High color rendering CRI95, which helps to express the content of the program, reflects the author's creative intention, sets off the artistic atmosphere, and enables the audience and the camera to get the correct color perception and exposure.
  • Super linear dimming
  • Noiselss
  • Good heat dissipation

Film and television lighting LED lights mainly include: LED studio lights; LED film and television panel lights; studio lighting; whether it is LED studio lights; LED film and television panel lights; studio lighting should have the following characteristics:

1. Small size: Compared with three-primary color leds, the volume of LED video lights is much smaller, which can save the area of the studio

2. High luminous efficiency: the luminous efficiency exceeds 120lm/w;

3. Low power consumption: Under the same illuminance, the LED video lights saves more than 70% of energy compared with traditional light sources, and 50% compared to energy-saving lamps;

Photography light props can be divided into: headlights, interview lights, news lights, flashlights, the LED lamp beads used in the above lamps mainly need to have several characteristics:

  • The color temperature is accurate and the color reproduction is good: the color temperature of the LED is 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, and the color temperature deviation is only 150K; the color rendering index Ra ≥ 90, or even more than 95.
  • Low heat: LEDs are made of copper silver-plated bracket, large-size heat sink design, excellent heat conduction; large-size chip package, higher light efficiency, less heat.
  • The LEDs are encapsulated by silicone resin and do not contain harmful substances such as sulfur and lead. The materials can be recycled and reused; the safety performance is high, there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, no heat is generated, and there is no radiation;

Application areas
It is widely used in various stage performances and film and television shooting.