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2825 Wash LED Moving Head Lights

Product Introduction

AZCOLOR 2825 led moving wash zoom adopt 28pcs 25W Quad Leds, great output with the secondary advanced optical system, the light become more tighten and brighter. Even if hang it on more than 15 meters height truss, the under scenario is also easy clear. When do beam effect, the beam looks like thunder penetrating air. When wash effect, the facula is always keep clean, clear and uniform under zoom channel control.

  • 28pcs leds can be divided into 10 areas, each area can be individually controlled.
  • Built-in programs with macro effect.
  • 3 Phase stepped motor ensure the moving speed and moving smooth.
  • Noiseless with intelligent ball fan
  • the principle of copper heat conduction and aluminum radiator
  • With LED shutter, scan position memory and auto reposition
Application areas
any professional stage, club, church, tv live, tv studio and so on.