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LED bee eye moving head lights| 1940

Product Introduction

AZCOLOR LITE 1940 LED bee-eye moving head lights use 19pcs 40W Quad leds. The front lens can be rotated to create a composition of many small bright beams. It can be opened and closed like a flower petal. By adding colors and dynamic graphics, the bee eye can generate an image lights effect that has never been seen before. The first is the "vortex" (vortex) effect, which creates an effect full of the atmosphere of countless dynamic rays, which gives an amazing feeling.

The second is the combined "kaleidoscopic" projection effect, which is the projection around the interface. These two effects can be obtained in almost endless forms, can be programmed, and accurately reproduced using digital technology, because they use the most advanced electronic technology.

Compared with 19pcs 15W big bee eyes moving head lights, the power of the led is increased, the heat dissipation module is better, and the total power of the power supply is increased. The stage light effect is better.

Application areas
Television entertainment program recording halls, professional stages, indoor and outdoor concert scenes, churches, nightclubs and other places that need wash effect to enhance the atmosphere.