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outdoor 300W LED Fresnel Light with Zoom

Product Introduction
  • Light source: adopts high luminous efficiency light source, there are different styles for customers to choose, it can be 200W 300W monochrome temperature, or RGBAL full-color adjustable temperature
  • High efficiency and energy saving, high brightness, light source life is greater than 50000 hours, 6000 hours zero luminous attenuation
  • Heat dissipation Well-designed and high-efficiency heat dissipation fin system without fan, zero noise, can be used in various places
  • Light effect "RGBAL can adjust the color temperature of 2700~10000K, can simulate the color temperature of the sun (from sunrise to sunset)
  • Full color spectrum 5-color light output + HSIC intelligent color mixing system, can adjust any very high-quality color, high luminous flux, high luminous efficiency, color and saturation control, high CRI"
  • Optics: Soft light, uniform spot distribution, large spot adjustment range
  • Dimming 0-100% linear dimming, no flicker; 4 dimming modes; adjustable dimming frequency from 500~25K
  • Zoom function DMX electric zoom system design, the zoom angle is adjustable from 15-30°
  • Chassis design Exclusive private mold patented product, die-cast aluminum chassis design, can effectively prevent collisions
  • The power supply adopts a 90~260V power supply with PFC overheating protection, which can effectively prevent the body from overheating
  • IP65 waterproof rate, high density waterproof
  • Drive Special designed special drive, strict quality control. Moreover, a high-intelligence control panel is used, so there will be no scan line when shooting video against this light. The program is also very intelligent, there are two channel modes to choose from, and guests can choose different channel modes according to their needs

Application areas
Carefully and rationally design a high-efficiency heat sink system with no fan and zero noise. It can be used in various places. It is the product used in any high-end performance venue.