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150W COB LED Blinder IP65

Product Introduction

azcolor new released led blinder, use 150W COB LED lighting source, less db37 fan to assist cooling, CRI95 high color rendering.and super bright. Built in RDM function: 0658H.  RDM function for remote setting address andmonitor the fixtures condition.

What is CRI?

Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure ofhow accurately a light source displays colors. CRI is measured on a scale from1 to 100, with 100 representing daylight.

CRI is determined by comparing the appearanceof a colored object under an artificial light source to its appearance under anincandescent light at 100 CRI. The higher the CRI, the better the artificiallight source is at rendering colors accurately. The lower the CRI value, themore unnatural colors appear when illuminated by the light source.


For High class Restaurant and Stage CRI have to be more than 90+. Commercial Lighting hasto be more than 85

The higher the color rendering index, the lower thelumens, but Citizen also meets the CRI90+ standard while maintaining 3100 luxbrightness, which is worth recommending.

Application areas
it can be used as front light, strobe, effect lighting, and can widely use where photography, lighting, TV studios, large-scale performances, and the other have strict requirements on lighting brightness and CRI Value.