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the popular 300W COB led Water Effect Light

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AZCOLOR 300W COB LED Water Effect Light combine the led flood light and led wash light technology, project the effect pattern and favorite color to infinity by the optical system, or dyeing the fixed pattern for surrounding environment.

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AZCOLOR led Water effect Light working principle, use stepper motor to drive pattern wheel and color wheel, then control by DMX512 protocol signal, the user can choose the function of the light by different channels, eg. Color, Zoom, pattern rotation speed and so on.

led water effect light gobo.jpg

Application Occasions:

300W COB led water effect Light is very popular and be widely used in bridges, theme parks, rivers bank, boats, foliage, marine aquariums, marine museums, stadiums, water cubes, stage backgrounds and other water-related environments and scenes. It can be used ingeniously with water effect light or spliced for a wide range of uses. The water effect light uses stepped motor and color wheel to create a dynamic effect, and sometimes the sputum and the water flow are rushed, giving the audience different feeling.

First of all, the led water pattern light belongs to effect lights. It first appeared in the stage effect. According to the needs of the plot and the atmosphere, it simulates various natural scenes, that is, “landscape”. With the further pursuit of “beauty” in landscape lighting, led water pattern light has 4 functions, dynamic, wash effect, Illuminate and special effects. and now commonly used in outdoor lighting. AZCOLOR LED WATER EFFECT waterproof rate: IP54. The fixture can be used at outside.

the other pattern.jpg

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The effect light is one kind of stage light that uses a combination of lighting, mechanical transmission and electrical control to project various scenes, natural weather changes and illusory scenes. It can display various static scenes and moving scenes such as rain, snow and fire. Clouds, waves, lightning, sunrise, etc., can also use dynamic shadows as background to show changes in various landscapes, mountains, waterfall, mines, etc. Customers can customize special effects lighting according to the needs of their own stage. The effect light can simulate many natural scenes. led water effect light pictures.jpg

In practical applications, led water effect light seems more popular. It is one kind of project light fixtures can simulate various effects such as water ripples, flames, clouds, after installing the related patterns, but usually, people often give the same name led water effect light, or led water pattern light, which is related to the popularity of water effect light.

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How to judge cob led water effect light quality?

From the optical point of view, the brightness has to be high, the spot have to be uniform, the center and edge brightness, too.

LED water effect video 4.gif

LED water effect video 3.gif

The most of existing led water effect light in the market are concentrating light first, then irradiate the water pattern glass, but it will be lost lots of the light brightness, finally caused the final effect of projection, it will have a large contrast between the center and the edge, and the middle image is better and the edge is tailed, which seriously reduces the imaging effect.

 AZCOLOR PRO led water effect light, use the effectively way solve the problem, ensure the center and edge of the spot brightness uniform, light effect is high, the transmitted spot is uniform, and the wave effect is excellent.

 If the fixture will be used at outdoor, we must check the structure waterproof rate. Then check the inner circuit neat, clear or not? Our company led water effect light use the switch power supply, ip65 fans, copper and aluminum heat sink and so on. 

Any things must meet who have good judge of talents and taste to operate the fixture.

How to combine led water effect light with emotions and scenery is a university question

LED water effect video 2.gif

LED water effect video1 .gif

AZCOLOR LITE 300W cob led water effect light technical parameter: 

azcolor 300w cob led water effect light.jpg

  • Item Number: AZ-LED320P
  • Input Voltage: AC 90-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 320W
  • Dielectric Strength:1.5KV
  • Insulation Resistance:>2MΩ
  • Environment Temperature: -35℃~40℃
  • LED Lighting Source:LED COB 300W
  • Color Rendering Index≥CRI90 
  • Color Temperature:7500K
  • Light Brightness:1350LUX(@5Meters)
  • Optical Lens: 28°/45°for Optional
  • Channel Quantity:5 Channels
  • Strobe Speed:1-32Hz
  • Connectors: Power in, Data in/out( 3-pin xlr)
  • Fixture Effect: 5-color +open+dual-water-wave-gobo, static color/ mutil color , Monochrome / multi-color desalination stack transition, rainbow color flowing water can be independent of speed regulation, fast or slowly smooth, according to the scene needs of the scene, the same direction / different flow features more sparkling three-dimensional dynamic.
  • Additional features:LED beads overheating / over-current / over-voltage protection
  • Cooling system: air-cooled brass cooling
  • Waterproof Rate:IP54
  • International standard DMX512 Protocol
  • Control mode: DMX512 / stand-alone mode / automatic control / static mode
  • Automatic mode: stand-alone self-programming without the console, according to the need to edit the effect of the program on the lighting display, save the memory, can master / slave online synchronization.
  • Dimmer: 0-100% divided into 256*256 frame, Smooth delay light fade out curve / instant light fade out optional
  • Products Size: 420×210×320mm 
  • Net Weight:5.3kg
  • Gross Weight:7kg

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