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Formation of Lights "siphon" and solutions

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The "siphon" of the light fixture is due to the "siphon" generated by the light fixture itself due to the change of the ambient temperature. "sucking" phenomenon.

details as follows:

When outdoor light fixtures are working or in high temperature weather, the gas inside the light fixture will expand outward. same reason is that the gas will shrink when the light fixture is not working or in low temperature weather (thermal expansion and contraction). This is the shape. It becomes the "breathing" of the light fixtures.

The major manufacturers of waterproof light fixtures have made great efforts in terms of airtightness. Said it was perfect. Therefore, the airtightness of the light fixture itself is very good. Therefore, light fixtures "breathing" channel of the light is only the plug and wire on the light. One "call" of lights "Sucking" will bring the moisture in the environment to the fixture body through the plug and the wire. This is because between the sheath and the core wire of the wire, between the copper wire and the copper wire inside the core wire, and between the wire and the waterproof. There is inevitably a gap between the plugs. Although the waterproof plug can play a certain role, but it is far from enough for fixtures with high waterproof requirements.

After the water pressurization experiment, it was found that:
1. The air pressure is 0.2 Pa, and only when the wires have no plugs and anti-siphon knots, the amount of air bubbles is the largest.
2. The air pressure is 0.2 Pa, and the air bubbles are obviously smaller when the wire is only equipped with a waterproof plug.

3. The air pressure is 0.2 Pa, and when the wire is equipped with an anti-siphon knot + a waterproof plug, there is no bubble. Pressurize to 0.5 Pa and there are still no bubbles.

Experimental results:

If there is light fixture that works outdoors for a long time or has high waterproof requirements, only rely on the waterproof plug.

This single waterproof device is far from enough to prevent the "siphon" of the light fixture. is very necessary.

The combination of waterproof plug and anti-"siphon" knot is used to completely solve the "siphon" problem.
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