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The reason LED Auto show lighting replace of the MSR lamp auto show lighting

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LED Auto Show Lighting Advantages:

1. American Brand CREE LEDs, 10W, color temperature from 2800K ~7600K, clients can be according to the project or the application occasion choose the color temperature. CREE LEDs are in very good condition and quality. The results of the spectrometer test LED chip distribution evenly round and uniform, no UV and infrared, no radiation, does not contain mercury, it is the real echo-friendly lighting 

2. Adopt the secondary optical lens, the final output of the lumen value is great. 

High efficiency. 3110 model led auto show lighting adopt 20-degree lens, 7 meters’ distance can reach 15,000 lumens value. 

3.LED constant current work, effectively reduce the LED light failure, quick start, no flicker, protect the eyes.

AZCOLOR LED Auto Show lighting, low energy consumption, longer life. Please refer to the following values.
Halogen or MSR lighting source: about 2000 hours
LED lights: about 50000-100000 hours. The longer time used, will save more money and labor cost.

The cooling principle of LED Auto Show Lighting

There are three aspects those determine the life of the LED auto show lighting (car exhibition Lighting).

1. Aluminum PCB Condition (i, Material; ii, thickness; iii, density)

Some hi-end lighting fixture will adopt copper, copper& aluminum, or hi-density aluminum. Usually, less than 10W led lighting source, manufacturer use 2mm thickness Aluminum PCB, AZCOLOR(LEDIDEA) USE 3mm thickness Aluminum PCB to keep the better cooling condition. P.S. Hi-DENSITY ALUMINUM COST IS VERY BIG DIFFERENT FROM COMMON DENSITY ALUMINUM.

2.AZCOLOR EXHIBITION LIGHTING fixture use pure heat sink in Cake Tower style. 
 and do brushed processing, according to the clients or application occasion demand led auto show lighting housing can do natural oxidation, or oxidation into color black.

3. Fans Quality, forced cooling application is very widely used in the stage lighting to protect of the motherboard, power supply, led lighting source or the other electronics components. The fan rotate speed per minute, noiseless and the lifespan are extremely important. Good ball, with Ball is better than with oil version. 
More popular science knowledge to facilitate clients to distinguish quality of components, the can make the decision to different market, project and clients. Understand the choice of parts, but also know how to calculate the cost.

Switch Power Supply boost the led auto show lighting quality without failure.


1. AZCOLOR led auto show lighting adopt PFC switch power supply, the input voltage coverage from AC90V ~ 240V, to meet the voltage requirements around the world.
2. Traditional Halogen or MSR lamp, both of them have drawbacks on voltage, usually one country one voltage, need the customize the special voltage power supply to different clients. Then have further innovation, we can do AC90V ~ 110V or 190V ~ 220V, 2 version power supply.

For example, the traditional light source 575W auto show lights to do the case, due to the high power of the product, when more than 4units series connect in one the main supply cable, there will caused into voltage suddenly drop. Usually, 110V (220V) can light the fixture, and now the measured line voltage is only 90V (190V) . The lights are not lit, and many clients will mistakenly believe that the power is broken, the lamp is broken, the ballast is broken. In fact, the voltage drop caused by the series, resulting in the lamp can not be normal light, then there is electronic ballast, and the cost is not cheap.

3. And now, it is the market of switch power supply, improve the efficiency of producing, and boost the products quality. 

LED Auto Show Lighting Inner Structural Design

1. Compact design, small size and light weight

2. Elegant Profile, Full of sense of science and technology

3. Can extra order frosted lens and barn door, the barn door has four lock buckles ensure more tight and safe.  

4. LED Auto show lighting components upgrade. Eg. Shadowless lens, light loss is small, high conversion rate, far range.

PFC switching power supply, content the global voltage range standard, PFC ≥ 0.9, the specific power factors, to avoid more punished Excess electricity. Ball fans. Original US imports CREE LEDs, color temperature can be customized according to customer requirements from 2800K ~3200K. CE & Rohs certification
5. 2 square power cord, can do 2 version , one with PG lock head another is POWER CON connectors.

Environmental statement

In fact, when the fluorescent light is broken at the same time, most of the mercury vapor in the lamp has overflowed, once the access to the human body through the respiratory tract, it will be the same time, Live in the body, hurt the brain and the respiratory system!

The use of LED lights can not only save energy, there is no pollution of the environment, the use of energy-saving light bulbs, so cherish resources to protect the environment, every citizen of the earth's obligations and responsibilities.

Without Fear after installation LED Auto show lights

LED Auto show lights has longer life span, after installation above 20 meters or 15 meters booth truss, no need worry about the halogen or msr lamp broken, those age is passed. 

Ordinary bubble car lights, during the show, there will be bulb explosion,  the need to change the lamp, the problem can not be 100% solution. This is also the reason why more and more curators choose LED light source lights for car exhibition. 
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