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Stage screw-on Truss

Product Introduction

Material: Aviation aluminum material 6061-T6, which is 10-18% higher than the ductility, metality and firmness of ordinary aluminum. Supervisor: 50x2.0mm, inclined tube 20x2.0mm. Welding rod is imported from Canada, the welding port is bright. Smooth and long life. Maximum span of 16 meters

Plug-in or screw-on connection for safer, more efficient and smoother connections. All mains and connecting shafts are welded on semi-automatic molds. The finished products are welded on the most standard molds to ensure the accuracy of the truss. It can be connected smoothly and used in any harsh conditions.
Mainly used in: small and medium-sized performances, large-scale background display racks, hotel engineering hanging equipment.
Can be painted, anodized, color optional

Application areas
Bars, night clubs, banquet halls, indoor and outdoor stage building.