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Captain Lighting Console|Compatible with Titan 10.1 system

Product Introduction
Titan system lighting console|

Big lighting console is often the trouble in each rental business, heavier and bigger size. 512 lighting console function is too weak. A new lighting console can solve the above troubles, easy move and operation.

High cost performance, Powerful practicability

Pure aluminum panel, light and compact size (7 kg), easy to carry!

Compatible with Titan system, easy to use!

Using mechanical keys, feel better!

Captain Lighting Console adopt pure aluminum panel, backlit button. 12.1 level industrial touch display. The profile is similar with 512 sunny lighting console. Gross weight: 7KG. And the Titan can be Compatible tiger touch. Hardware adopt industrial grade PC’s CPU, and solid state disk.The Captain integrates Pearl price, 512 profile size weight and Tiger touch function. It is the upmost best buys lighting console till now.
Application areas
any of the professional performance occasions.