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72x3W LED Blacklight/ UV Bar

Product Introduction
What is a blacklight?
The black light is not called the black light because the light emitted is black, but the light of the ultraviolet lamp cannot be seen by the naked eye, and belongs to the long-wave ultraviolet lamp, so it is called the black light. It emits 330-400nm ultraviolet light wave, which is insensitive to human light, so the light made of this kind of human insensitive ultraviolet light is called black light."

Long-wavelength ultraviolet light, trapping mosquitoes, distinguishing true and false banknotes, and criminal law and forensic medicine play a great role in life. In the stage entertainment business, actors wear fluorescent clothes to present a different kind of artistic effect. 
Application areas
In the renderings, the bowling alley uses a large number of black lights, combined with fluorescent powder bowling balls.