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54x3W LED Front Par Light(IP20/RDM)

Product Introduction
High color rendering index,( CRI 90~95), low blue light and ultra Low UV light, light soft not dazzling, can be called the "apple Light" in the LED field./ High output led lighting source with 80lm/ W, comparing with traditional halogen lamp the luminous efficiency based on 24lm/W, ledidea high rendering index led save 70% power./The DC sine wave drive, it won’t interfere with other equipment when dimming. Smooth linearity dimming effect, only 30 seconds fade in from dark to full bright, no flicker state /540 and 270 degrees moving degree, the light shooting position can be choose by lighting console. No need climb to the high point of the truss, then adjust the angle, safe and convenient.
Application areas
any of the performance places.