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Outdoor LED Front Lights| 4x50W

Product Introduction
  • 4-eye waterproof Front light adopts LEDs with double color temperature, and the light distribution is more uniform and clean.
  • The motherboard supports RDM function, supports remote setting address, temperature and function monitoring.
  • High color rendering index, CRI90 to CRI97 for optional, ultra-high color rendering, low blue light, ultra-low purple light, light color is soft and not dazzling, it can be called the "apple light" of LED lighting / luminous efficiency 100lm per watt, and traditional halogen lamp light Compared with the efficiency of 24lm per watt, it is equivalent to saving 70% of electricity. /DC sine wave drive, will not interfere with other equipment when dimming. /The dimming is super smooth, from full dark to full brightness, fade in 30 seconds, no flicker.
  • Anti-glare lens
  • Hand in hand connection with American or European standard plugs
  • The signal line connector adopts Xishang Ningbo, three-core and five-core optional

What is high color rendering CRI?
  • The color rendering index (CRI) is an index that measures the accuracy of the color displayed by the light source. The measurement range of CRI is 1 to 100, where 100 represents daylight.
  • By comparing the appearance of colored objects under artificial light with 100
  • CRI is determined by the appearance under an incandescent lamp under CRI.
  • The higher the CRI, the better the artificial light source is at accurately rendering colors.
  • The lower the CRI value, the more unnatural colors will appear when the light source is illuminated.
  • Attached:
  • For high-end restaurants and stage CRI index according to international
  • The standard must reach 95.
  • Commercial lighting must exceed 85

Application areas
Use Front lights for any stage performances and performing arts venues. Conference room lighting, photography studios, TV studios and other places with high requirements for color rendering index.