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400W ZOOM LED PAR Lights

Product Introduction
  • Light source: one pc 400W high color rendering white COB led combined with the design of a convex Fresnel lens makes the light more concentrated and compact, and the illumination is farther.
  • Design: The product design is very technological and user-friendly, not only streamlined and beautiful, but also very convenient in installation.
  • Heat dissipation: The product adopts the principle of copper tube heat conduction aluminum material todissipate heat, which greatly improves the stability of the product. When the product is equipped with temperature control, combined with forced convection heat dissipation by a fan, it works for more than1 hour and the overall power is about 418W , A good heat dissipation system greatly improves the uncomfortable degree of the product and reduces the light attenuation.
  • Built-in dual motors, one for zoom function and another for color wheel, customers can make CTO orchoose color according to their needs.
  • Control mode: DMX512 signal, master-slave, auto run, Sound Activated, RDM.
  • The RDM function uses the Tiger Touch and above level consoles, which can dial address value from thelighting console, and monitor the temperature of the product and the function usage, which is very smart and saves labor.
  • Connection method: power input/output, DMX input/output
  • The product can be used as front light, wash light and strobe three effects.
Application areas
photography studios, indoor and outdoor concerts, opera houses, music festivals and various professional performance venues.